St. John's Lutheran Church

Men's Group

The men's group began several years ago to help fund activities in which our youth groups participate in. The majority of the monies raised supports yearly participation in church camps and youth conventions.

The men's group currently meets for breakfast in the church fellowship hall (basement) to plan and fellowship every 2nd Sunday of the month at 8am.

Sausage Sandwich Stand:  Each year, St. John's men serves whole hog sandwiches during the Montpelier Bean Days Festival.  The popularity of our sausage stand continues to grow while people come to get what we think are "world-famous" sandwiches.

Church Work Days:  The men's group supports the church's annual outdoors work days including tree and bush trimming; window washing; yard fertilizing and landscaping projects.

Area Trash Pickup:  St. John's has adopted two miles of roadway along county road 13.  in the spring and fall of each year, members of the men's group pick up discarded trash and debris along the roadway and in the ditches. 

Miscellaneous Support:  St. John's men are always available to our church members who need extra help with projects around their house or in their yards, or just about anything where our church family could use an extra hand.

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